We produce and wholesale handcrafted Bali silver beads and jewelry, direct from Bali

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Wholesale sterling silver Bali beadsfindings and cooper beads

Wholesale Price
As you have known, the pure silver price is still going higher.
Our prices are based on world silver price. When it is high, our prices become higher. When it is low, our prices become lower. Please keep checking current prices of our products. Thank you for your understanding.

24 Hour $US Dollar Silver Chart


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[Most Recent Quotes from www.kitco.com]

Please Email Us for Current Prices!

Discount for Bulk Order (SILVER BEADS and CHAINS)
For any single order which is greater in value than US$ 1,000 we are happy to give you an overall discount of 3% on the price of your silver.
Orders above US$ 2,000 will receive a 5% discount on the silver price.

Note : Discount is valid  for FULL PAYMENT in advance only.

About our Products
We produce and wholesale Bali silver beads, cones, spacers, toggles, caps, clasps, findings and other Indonesian beads. All our products are made from 925 sterling silver and individually handcrafted by our own highly skilled silversmith in Bali, Indonesia. We offer unique Bali silver beads designs, each piece representing a work of art with outstanding in quality and details.. We provide you with all kinds and styles of Bali silver beads that suit your beaded silver jewelry. All of the Bali silver beads we ship are picked over before we ship and we guarantee the quality of our workmanship.

As all handmade items, there may be very modest variations among the pieces within each style in appearance, size, weight, and degree of antiquing and oxidation. We cannot guarantee that each item will identical with another item which bears the same catalogue number. We sell our beads in gram, not in piece, therefore we guarantee you will always receive total weight of silver beads in your order exactly equals to unit price per gram.

Please browse through our online catalogs of handmade Bali silver beads, findings and cooper beads.



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