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Our products are made from solid sterling silver; they are not silver plated. A team of artisans in Bali, Indonesia, handcrafts each item. Although we produce based on company designs, we will gladly produce a counterexample based on the personal design of your party as exemplary of our flexibility, range, and extraordinary craftsmanship. Our stock increases by approximately 100 designs every month.


Our color catalog is now available online! Please visit and browse. You are free to print it out your choice. The catalog in its entirety contains the following sections: rings (including poison rings, spin rings), earrings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces, hairclips, beads, ballpens, and miscellaneous.


All orders must be received in writing, preferably by fax or e-mail. The order must clearly outline the style numbers, quantities, sizes. All orders are immediately confirmed upon receipt along with an estimation of weight, the approximate amount due, and the delivery date.


Our minimum order is 20 pcs/pairs per design and 500 grams per deisgn for item priced per gram.


The prices listed in our catalog are wholesale, FOB Bali Airport. If your order exceeds the amount of US$5000 for any single shipment, we will gladly provide the freight cost (prepaid) from Bali, Indonesia. Note that this means the FOB prices become C&F prices. If your order qualifies, please include mention of your preferred airport by name and location. If your order exceeds the amount of US$ 10.000 for a single shipment, we will gladly provide the freight cost plus 5% discount


The preferred method of payment is an advance payment of fifty percent with the settlement amount paid upon receipt of goods. The payment should be made to Acc #5804166353 (Nyoman Satyawibawa Upadhana) at the following institution: Bank Bali, Denpasar Branch, Bali, Indonesia; Fax 62-361-261679.


All products are made to order; we do not carry stock lots. Delivery date depends on the size of the order, but we generally require 45 days following the receipt of the fifty percent advance payment.


We use fillers of international quality in manufacturing our ballpens. We use high quality fillers as our standard, but we will gladly produce based on the preference of the buyer. Understand such a change alters the length and weight of the final product, resulting in a shift in catalog-quoted price.


As all of our silverwork is handcrafted, we can guarantee only the quality of the production. We cannot guarantee that any two pieces will be exactly identical in weight and/or size. Prices are subject to change without prior notice. Price can vary according to the value of the filler and stones requested.

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